If memories were words,
You’d be a poem, carved on gold
As precious as day first
And never fading old.
Or a million page book,
Full of love, devoid of bluff.
The more I discover you,
The more it isn’t enough.
If people were dreams,
You’d be the one making me smile in my sleep
Or if they were sensations,
You’d be a caress on my cheek,
Or my face against the breeze,
Or the first kiss on my lip.
And if people were melodies,
You’d be the one never slipping off my tongue
No matter how old it has been,
It gets subconsciously sung.
If my heart was a hundred,
Ninety nine’s in love with you
But, a percent still refuses to believe
That a soul, so pure, could even be true.
If on sadness, one could travel,
I’d be on a road, dark, broken in gravels,
Lost I tread, with an unconscious head
My voice grew sore, my eyes reddened,
I looked at you, realized,
You were my long awaited dead-end.
If I could I’d stay here at this very dead end,
And write all about you till I’m alive,
But darling, everything about you can’t be fitted
In the time of a single life.


I lied (Haiku)

I lied, not ’cause I
was wrong, but ’cause I knew you
would not understand.



If life was a paper
Mine’s been scribbled over,some by me, some by others,
Lend me, please, a blank sheet
Wish to write it again all over.

Scribbled pages,
Speaking of my cheers and rages,
Written emotions, written feelings
Suppressed under a mesh of ink,

Smudged papers,
Smelling of spilled liquor,
Blue and black, mixed together,

Here I am again, trying to mess
With time and tide
Through scribbles, a bit of past trying to hide,
The other bit, trying to recover.

Scribbles covering my eyes,
Mists surround, fog bound is my head,
Waiting for the wind to blow over,
Make me feel clear and sober. 

Diaries full of blue and black, 
Tired of writing all my rants, 
Bins are full from crumbled pages
A smile waiting to be put on, since ages.

I’ve seen enough of black and blue, 
Where have gone the other hues? 
When will I get to see the other colors? 
Even if I do, who’ll paint me again all over? 

~ Words above Swords ~

Everything takes time….. (Haiku)

Everything takes time,
And I will probably keep
on asking “How much?”

~ Words Above Swords ~ 

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A Change, for the Sake of Bliss

My life’s book I wrote
Filled it with melancholic anecdotes,
But he was the only jubilant chapter
Worth changing my theme for

~ Words Above Swords ~

The hopeless and the helpless

“Was lonely a year back
Nothing’s changed except the books in my rack
And the night falls in just as dark
Still have scars and still have marks

A new year that has changed nothing
The world’s still cruel, and still bluffing
I’m right here laying in my bed 
Still placid and still faded

With dusts quivering all around the room
And no light ever touches the nook
For all that yellow sunshine 
Stops outside the windows all blue

How long shall the sky stay clear?
Dark clouds shall come, and thunder’s all I’ll hear.
Here’s a year, presumably new
Yet, reasons to live remain few.”
       -the hopeless you

“Was lonely a year back, too
but all changed as I saw you
And the night falls in just as dark
But you paint them in with stars

A new year that changed with you
I’ve stayed true
And the world isn’t cruel, for my world is you

I’m right here laying in my bed
A helpless smile is to what your eyes have led
For you taught me how to open my windows
And that’s how you turned my blues to yellows

You came as the first sunshine
After a cloudy year, introducing me to daylight.
In this year, everything seems new
For my breaths have found a new reason which is you.”
           -your helpless lover

Evolution of peer pressure

Remember the days you used to hate Justin Beiber for no reason at all? Just because everybody hated him, eh? Even if you liked his singing you mimicked puking and used to go “yukk” and “eww” on hearing someone mention his name. If this seems relatable to you, then say hello to the root of all this – peer pressure. Everyone of us has gone through peer pressure, and I have been no exception either! But I see peer pressure has paid respect to Dr. Charles Darwin and gone through evolution. And this very recent regeneration of peer pressure has brought us this – I don’t like doing it simply because everybody else does it. 

You really like pouting but don’t pout. Not because you don’t like it but because it’s so very common. You love high heels but you don’t wear it. Not because it’s uncomfortable but because your “tomboyish”reputation will get a crack. Teddy bears are a real comfort to you after a horror movie watch but you don’t have a single of it. Why? Because they’re too “girly”. You love winging your eyeliners and contouring your face, but don’t. Why? I probably don’t even need to mention the reason!

Men, have not been any different, too! Love clicking selfies, but don’t. That new hairstyle which you have seen many try, would look great on your square shaped face with that edge-cutting jawline. You know that, right? But, nah you won’t try it because everybody’s onto it. Or should I say “it’s too mainstream”. Love those deodrants with strong smells but nah, won’t use it. Love reading love stories, but won’t because it isn’t that so called “manly”. Holding your tears in sentimental movies “No, I’m not supposed to cry. Control for God’s sake, just don’t cry. Girls cry in movies. Damn, is that my tear… oh no… somebody make this hall darker, nobody should see me like this… ok i’ll just put my hand on my face to pretend i’m supporting my chin and then secretly wipe that tear off” and chanting this stuff in your mind.

Won’t do this, ’cause everybody else does this. Won’t use it ’cause everybody else uses it. Won’t try it ’cause everybody’s tryin’ it.

If you can’t relate to what I have written above, I am proud of you. But if you can, learn to be proud of yourself. If disliking something because everybody else dislikes it is stupid, then disliking something because everybody else likes it is just as stupid. 

You don’t do something and justify it as to be “girly”. What is wrong with being girly, have you ever wondered that? You might answer it with “I want to be different”. Who do you have to prove that you are different? And even if you did…what use is it if you have to stay away from things you really like doing. 

It is okay to admit that your likings and your choices have changed over time. It is okay to do things which other people do as well and you don’t have to prove you’re different to anybody. 

And, just to let you know, it is absolutely okay to cry in movies or in other situations. You don’t have to pretend that you’re strong, because you actually are, and crying, in no manner is the measure of your strength. And you know, nobody bothers about you crying, no one’s even gonna remember it. So cry whenever and wherever you feel like because when you stop your tears from coming out, they get stored in your heart… and nothing is heavier than that. 

You don’t have to prove that you are different and you don’t have to show how strong you are.YOU know you’re unique, YOU know you’re not week, and that is all that matters.