I had a talk with my heart,
She told me she wanted to be looked at,
The way oceans and mountains are.
I then, out of immaturity,
Thought she was seeking beauty, 
But now I realize,
She wanted only to be feared without resistance,
And if admired,
Only from a distance.

~ words above swords ~

Haiku – ‘Monotony’

Miserable day,
Overthoughtful sleep; every night
Set on repeat.

~ Words Above Swords ~

A Plea to Preoccupied Thoughts (Haiku)

None can see nor hear,
No one’s at home. Yet, I’m
Begging to be alone.

~ Words Above Swords ~

PS : It’s been so long since I posted a Haiku 
*stretching arms*

A Change, for the Sake of Bliss

My life’s book I wrote
Filled it with melancholic anecdotes,
But he was the only jubilant chapter
Worth changing my theme for

~ Words Above Swords ~

Writing It with a Gulp

Stuck I was in a conflict
Whether to do or not to.
To fall, I chose, And so I did
off a high and isolated cliff.
The cold hard ground, I was scared to hit
But a glimpse of river made me do it, 
Now as i drown with no breaths out and no breaths in
I wonder how I forgot
I cannot swim…

~Words Above Swords ~

Mizzle and Mist

As dusts shuddered with the winds,
I glanced how the rain drops helped them down, 
Settling them on earthly grounds.

And then did winters arrive
I heared vapours quaver,
Just when the dusts lifted up in fogs
I knew they were retunrning the favour.

                       Words Above Swords

The hopeless and the helpless

“Was lonely a year back
Nothing’s changed except the books in my rack
And the night falls in just as dark
Still have scars and still have marks

A new year that has changed nothing
The world’s still cruel, and still bluffing
I’m right here laying in my bed 
Still placid and still faded

With dusts quivering all around the room
And no light ever touches the nook
For all that yellow sunshine 
Stops outside the windows all blue

How long shall the sky stay clear?
Dark clouds shall come, and thunder’s all I’ll hear.
Here’s a year, presumably new
Yet, reasons to live remain few.”
       -the hopeless you

“Was lonely a year back, too
but all changed as I saw you
And the night falls in just as dark
But you paint them in with stars

A new year that changed with you
I’ve stayed true
And the world isn’t cruel, for my world is you

I’m right here laying in my bed
A helpless smile is to what your eyes have led
For you taught me how to open my windows
And that’s how you turned my blues to yellows

You came as the first sunshine
After a cloudy year, introducing me to daylight.
In this year, everything seems new
For my breaths have found a new reason which is you.”
           -your helpless lover