Adulthood Bitterness [Poem]

Science — a passion
Passion — a transient emotion
“Passion – a transient emotion” — a recent realization
My country — pretends to love scientists
Engineering — a money bringing occupation
I — an upcoming engineer
Poetry — a necessity
Poetry writing — it can wait
Self loathing — a habit
Good grades — a master plan for redemption
Hobby — an unnecessary distraction
Certainty — a luxury
Closure — a hoax
Motivational Speakers — unicorns high on rainbows
Lana Del Rey — understands
Love — an artist’s favourite thing to capitalise on
Love — a childhood misconception
Love — a species’ system to escape extinction
Love — I do not get enough, I do not give enough
My bitterness
— a result of the pandemic?
— a result of menstrual hormones?
— Just who I inherently am as a person?
I cannot tell anymore.