Fall (Haiku)

Trees- Red, Green, Yellow;
How’s fall different for a
color blind fellow?

Cold (Haiku) 

Darling I know, the
World is cold, and it’s okay
to love when it snows.

image credits: https://apukkaresort.fi/snow-fact-1-the-world-largest-snowflake/

Midnight Thoughts on Full Moon

Beyond the sky is a blanket of divine light which blinds the ordinary. The sky is what lies between us and the blanket of light. Upon us falls the shadow of the sky, which the people have disgraced by giving it a melancholic name- darkness. 

Every night, the shadow falls upon me but I keep staring at a window (they call it the Moon) placed high on the sky, where a millionth part of the holy light escapes from heaven. On most days, I have seen angels unfurling a curtain which partially covers the window. But tonight, the curtain is missing. Tonight, divinity is escaping through that window, reaching out for me, glistening on my window glasses, greeting me a good night.