Abode (Haiku)

His lovable, cosseting
Arms, is where I belong,
And long to be.

~words above swords~


A Plea to Preoccupied Thoughts (Haiku)

None can see nor hear,
No one’s at home. Yet, I’m
Begging to be alone.

~ Words Above Swords ~

PS : It’s been so long since I posted a Haiku 
*stretching arms*

Quicksand (Haiku)

Never was she lost,
‘Till peace was found in getting 
Lost amidst the dark

For she, found beauty
Beneath shadows, and never
Came to blinding lights.

She was not found when
Someone called her, but, when some-
one tried to escape

For she had escaped 
The quicksand named world,
And never returned.