Forest at Night – Painting

Browsing through an old sketch book, I found this painting I made long back.

I have painted the view of forest at night under the moonlight (Nature is always a good pick when it comes to painting) using acrylic colors on paper. The abstract painting that I did on the background is done by using a palette knife (Actually, not really a palette knife, I don’t have one at the moment so I adjusted with a normal buttering knife which worked pretty good)

It looks pretty creepy though, like I did some haunted forest painting! I like it anyway πŸ˜…

Feedbacks and suggestions are warmly welcome 😌

~ Words Above Swords ~

Melanie Laurent Pencil Sketch

So, this time I have a portrait of Melanie Laurent that I drew today with Graphite pencil on paper. This sketch is particularly of the scene in Inglorious Bastards in which she played the role of Shoshanna.

She is so pretty I couldn’t resist my urge to draw her. Well, ofcourse I didnot have any reason, too, to resist the urge πŸ˜…

Hope y’all liked it… any suggestion or feedback is warmly welcome πŸ’

Au Revoir Shoshanna!

~ Words Above Swords ~

Have been sketching!

Hello readers!

So there’s something which I thought might interest you. Apart from writing, I also sketch and I thought it would be pretty good if I introduced my readers to my sketches and paintings. So, here they are.

Abstract eye
I don’t know her name (‘._.) Just found her photograph in google!


Mako, of the Legend of Korra
Eyes’ sketch
Portrait of Taylor Swift in Bad Blood
Katara, of Avatar – The last airbender
Cherry Blossom – painting
I drew this on one of my friends’ birthday!
Portrait of Jenna Coleman, Clara Oswald to Whovians!
Another “I don’t know who she is”
Painting of wolf silhouette



So, this is it.

All feedbacks and suggestions of improvement are welcome. Do tell which one was best in your opinion.