1 year, 2 months and 18 days

I ask him over the phone, “How do I look?” 

One year, two months and eighteen days since he last saw me, and yet he has the same answer 

“You look beautiful”


If life was a paper
Mine’s been scribbled over,some by me, some by others,
Lend me, please, a blank sheet
Wish to write it again all over.

Scribbled pages,
Speaking of my cheers and rages,
Written emotions, written feelings
Suppressed under a mesh of ink,

Smudged papers,
Smelling of spilled liquor,
Blue and black, mixed together,

Here I am again, trying to mess
With time and tide
Through scribbles, a bit of past trying to hide,
The other bit, trying to recover.

Scribbles covering my eyes,
Mists surround, fog bound is my head,
Waiting for the wind to blow over,
Make me feel clear and sober. 

Diaries full of blue and black, 
Tired of writing all my rants, 
Bins are full from crumbled pages
A smile waiting to be put on, since ages.

I’ve seen enough of black and blue, 
Where have gone the other hues? 
When will I get to see the other colors? 
Even if I do, who’ll paint me again all over? 

~ Words above Swords ~


​When I’m gone,
Do you promise to remember what the sound of my voice felt like? 
How my fingers slipped into your palm
How your wrist felt my pulse.
Remember the way you smiled
When I inked you in my poetry,
When every word had something to speak of you.
Remember the gleam in my eyes
As they reflected yours, 
How my name echoed with yours.
Remember the way I espied you
A way none else could
With belief more than yours on yourself. 
Remember my warmth, when you’re stranded out cold
Remember every second, when you had my hand to hold. 
When I bid adios, when all of me will fade, Every shade, 
My voice, my image, my essence, 
Do you promise to keep me safe
In your Reminiscence? 

~ Words Above Swords ~

A Change, for the Sake of Bliss

My life’s book I wrote
Filled it with melancholic anecdotes,
But he was the only jubilant chapter
Worth changing my theme for

~ Words Above Swords ~

Writing It with a Gulp

Stuck I was in a conflict
Whether to do or not to.
To fall, I chose, And so I did
off a high and isolated cliff.
The cold hard ground, I was scared to hit
But a glimpse of river made me do it, 
Now as i drown with no breaths out and no breaths in
I wonder how I forgot
I cannot swim…

~Words Above Swords ~


A broken twig is all I was
I kept on falling beneath
You turned yourself from green to yellow,
Just to be with me.

For every tear
You had oceans ready
No, not to stop them,
But to save them from me.

You Grew thorns all over
While I was just a blooming bud,
Plucking remains way beyond thinkable
Nobody could even touch.

You knew, darker than your eyes
Had been all my nights,
And so you burned, yet with a smile,
To give me the brightest of lights.

Red you were, and so you bled,
Piece by piece, inch by inch
Just to colour, just to hue
My full of wounds and faded lip.

To heal my scars
You risked stealing stars
To wash away my pain,
Under the sun, you challenged rain.

You gathered feathers and built wings
Whenever my steps seemed to get heavier
A soul full of love and a heart full of thanks
Is all I have to give to you, my beloved Saviour

~ Words Above Swords ~

The hopeless and the helpless

“Was lonely a year back
Nothing’s changed except the books in my rack
And the night falls in just as dark
Still have scars and still have marks

A new year that has changed nothing
The world’s still cruel, and still bluffing
I’m right here laying in my bed 
Still placid and still faded

With dusts quivering all around the room
And no light ever touches the nook
For all that yellow sunshine 
Stops outside the windows all blue

How long shall the sky stay clear?
Dark clouds shall come, and thunder’s all I’ll hear.
Here’s a year, presumably new
Yet, reasons to live remain few.”
       -the hopeless you

“Was lonely a year back, too
but all changed as I saw you
And the night falls in just as dark
But you paint them in with stars

A new year that changed with you
I’ve stayed true
And the world isn’t cruel, for my world is you

I’m right here laying in my bed
A helpless smile is to what your eyes have led
For you taught me how to open my windows
And that’s how you turned my blues to yellows

You came as the first sunshine
After a cloudy year, introducing me to daylight.
In this year, everything seems new
For my breaths have found a new reason which is you.”
           -your helpless lover

Shameless, or Courageous?

​Not your fault…it just doesn’t matter anymore to you. Don’t deny, you don’t have to… my fault, as always. But it isn’t the same anymore, you know.  I touched your face, but it isn’t the same. It’s cold, as cold as I’ve turned you. No wonder my fault, and I mean it when I say it. I look into your eyes, but they aren’t deep anymore. Feels like you’re trying to block the rays emerging from my eyes from entering yours. Like you’re trying your best to resist everything. But I know it’s all my fault, for real.

What do I call it? Remorseless or repenting? That after all I put you through, I’m still touching your skin in hope that I’ll turn you warm again.

Is it barefaced of me or is it brave of me? That after everything I’ve done,  I still look into your eyes without a hesitation, that I still believe that it is only me who possesses the right to do so. 

Is it Shameless of me that after all of my erromeous deeds, I still stand the courage to complain to you about this hateful situation. I really am complaining. I be pretending that I ain’t, but deep down,