My thoughts on – Bluebird by Charles Bukowski

Bluebird, written by Charles Bukowski, is one of those poems which you can’t make anything of in the first read but as soon as you read the first verse the second time — everything makes sense. The use of uncomplicated language to express some very complicated emotions is just *chef’s kiss* . The perfect amount of cliche(ness?) and portrayal of some very relatable aspects of sadness make it a very readable poem. 

The poet has shaped sadness into a “blue” bird (you see why I said it’s cliche?) that lives inside him. The stress on constant subduing of emotions persists all throughout the poem. He goes on to talk about his expertise in hiding his grief, his ways of coping with it — whiskeys and whores — and how he allows himself to vent only when he is isolated

The repetitive use of the statement “I’m too tough for him” is something that I especially enjoyed.