Growth (Haiku)

She rose above typical
girls; well, chicks sure dig
bad boys, ladies don’t.

Daily Prompt (Typical)


Prejudice (Haiku)

We often forget,
That just because we don’t do
It, doesn’t mean it’s wrong!

~words above swords~

‘Two Faced’ – Haiku

What if the wind that
Keeps stroking me, is none but
Ghosts walking through me?

~ Words Above Swords ~

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Such a stretched hiatus it was! ๐Ÿ˜…

Hello everyone! All you brilliant people!

‘Course you did! :’D

Okay, so It’s been so long since I wrote… well…there were a lot of things going on while I was off

  • My preboard examinations
  • Then, board examinations (which went very well, thankfully)
  • Had my coaching started for 11th grade
  • Had a scholarship test to prepare for
  • Had to visit Bilaspur


  • My grandmother expired…..

Yeah… that was it. I had to immediately leave for my hometown and attend all the rituals. May she rest in peace.

I was busy. I’m so sorry I couldn’t update my blog very often.
*Blimey, it’s cost me three followers ;_;*

Anyway, I’m back fellas and I will be writing soon.ย 

~ Words Above Swords ~

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Forest at Night – Painting

Browsing through an old sketch book, I found this painting I made long back.

I have painted the view of forest at night under the moonlight (Nature is always a good pick when it comes to painting) using acrylic colors on paper. The abstract painting that I did on the background is done by using a palette knife (Actually, not really a palette knife, I don’t have one at the moment so I adjusted with a normal buttering knife which worked pretty good)

It looks pretty creepy though, like I did some haunted forest painting! I like it anyway ๐Ÿ˜…

Feedbacks and suggestions are warmly welcome ๐Ÿ˜Œ

~ Words Above Swords ~

A Change, for the Sake of Bliss

My life’s book I wrote
Filled it with melancholic anecdotes,
But he was the only jubilant chapter
Worth changing my theme for

~ Words Above Swords ~

Half century!

Hello all my lovely followers! A huge huge HHHHUUUUUUGGGGGGEEEEEEE thank you to all of you… 

Like, I still remember when I started from ZERO. And after all that, this really means A LOT to me 💗 

Me loves y’all too, followers. Stay in touch, have a lovely day as well as night, because you people just MADE. MY. DAY. 😍

~ Words above Swords ~