Prejudice (Haiku)

We often forget,
That just because we don’t do
It, doesn’t mean it’s wrong!

~words above swords~


Sad, not Depressed 

When do I know I’m 
Depressed enough to be able
To write better?

~words above swords~

Durga Puja 2017

So, here we are, at the end of the much awaited festival, Durga Puja. Even though it’s celebrated all over India, there’s no denying that West Bengal gives this fest the most enthusiastic touch with the grand celebration and the highly spirited population.

One of the most popular activities that people indulge in during the pujas is no doubt ‘Pandal hopping’. Being a resident of West Bengal, I too had the opportunity of being a part of all of this.

I had a tour across some of the places which are very well known for their Pandals. I witnessed the works of one of the most talented and brilliant people who had such wonders to display. Via this blog I want to appreciate all those wonderful and fantastic people who gave their efforts in making this Puja highly memorable.

Amarpally Pandal

This pandal was designed beautifully in the shape of a temple on a boat, and was a beautiful structure to behold.


This pandal, near Rodkal bus stop, had a very innovative tribal theme which was executed perfectly.

Lake Town

This pandal, near Lake town crossing, had a very simple, yet enchanting view to provide with colors, positivity and outskirt-ish vibes.

Dum dum park

Dum dum park had a lot of beautiful pandals which left my eyes wide open, for the beauty that immersed was just too much; which I will be showing one by one. The Tarun Sangha, Bharat Chakra, etc. committees took the responsibility of building these wonderful structures. Bharat Chakra was also awarded INR 50,000

1. Dum Dum Park (1)

2. Dum Dum Park (2)- by Bharat Chakra

3. Dum dum park (3) – tarun sangha

4. Dum Dum park (4)


The pandal in Shreebhumi attracted huge ammount of crowd. It was themed on the Mahishmati fort which was portrayed in one of the most popular Indian movies this year – ‘Bahubai’. One of the reasons why the pandal here is so famous is because they use real gold jewelry every year for the ‘shringar’ (decoration) of Goddess Durga’s idol.

The crowd outside was huge and it even started raining, but it still couldn’t break the ‘puja’ spirit!

The entire state was lit with with lights and wonderful decorations….

So, this was all for today. Give me your feedbacks below, or let me know of any suggestions that you have!

~ Words Above Swords ~

Tired eyes are still beautiful

Hello readers! 

I’m here with a new simple charcoal portrait sketch. I’m sketching after a long time and I’m kind of new to charcoal, which is why I didnot try anything much complex. 

Give me suggestions if you have any! I’d warmly welcome any suggestion or feedback. ❤

~ Words Above Swords ~

Sunset Silhouette 

Painting of a woman’s silhouette at Sunset or sunrise (choose whatever you likeヽ( ̄~ ̄ )ノ) infront of the sea.

This painting is of last year, I drew it on a white chart paper using acrylic colors. 

Well, now that I’ll have my 10th board examinations going on and I can’t really sketch much stuff so I’m just scavanging my old paintings to upload so that my blog doesn’t remain silent due to my inactivity. So, here it is. 
(Although I feel I could have done better)

In case you don’t know, here in India, the board examinations of standard 10th and 12th are given too much importance, like too too too much!!! Once the results are out you’ll have relatives on phone, waiting like beggars outside a temple, to know how much you scored. Plus, the result will also decide which stream you are to take for higher studies. So, it’s pretty important for me to score as good as I can. 

I wish luck to all those appearing for Boards this year. May the force be with you 😌

~ Words Above Swords ~

Forest at Night – Painting

Browsing through an old sketch book, I found this painting I made long back.

I have painted the view of forest at night under the moonlight (Nature is always a good pick when it comes to painting) using acrylic colors on paper. The abstract painting that I did on the background is done by using a palette knife (Actually, not really a palette knife, I don’t have one at the moment so I adjusted with a normal buttering knife which worked pretty good)

It looks pretty creepy though, like I did some haunted forest painting! I like it anyway 😅

Feedbacks and suggestions are warmly welcome 😌

~ Words Above Swords ~

Charcoal Sketch – Eyes

I used charcoal pencil for the first time. A sketch of a pair of realistic eyes is what I drew.I feel it turned out not so bad 😅.

Eye sketch using charcoal pencil

Alright, I’ll just leave it here, not much To say. Suggestions and feedbacks are warmly welcome. Tell me how it was!

~ Words Above Swords ~

PS : The Appa and Momo drawing request might take a little bit of while (‘._.)

Eye and lip – ball pen sketch

​I have here another drawing on paper. Well this one is a really rough one, well because I drew it roughly 😅 I had this Social Studies class which was really boring, and that’s when the artist inside me got a spark 😁. So I have two sketches here… 

I know it’s not very good… but… it is what it is! 
*sherlock reference* 😂

So, here I present sketch of an eye using blue ball pen on paper –

And here’s this drawing of lips, again, using blue dot pen.

This time, I won’t say hope y’all liked it, because to be honest even I don’t like it much. 

Feedbacks are warmly welcome.

Bubye, see ya not so soon because I have my exams very soon 😵 ._.

~ Words Above Swords ~

Melanie Laurent Pencil Sketch

So, this time I have a portrait of Melanie Laurent that I drew today with Graphite pencil on paper. This sketch is particularly of the scene in Inglorious Bastards in which she played the role of Shoshanna.

She is so pretty I couldn’t resist my urge to draw her. Well, ofcourse I didnot have any reason, too, to resist the urge 😅

Hope y’all liked it… any suggestion or feedback is warmly welcome 💝

Au Revoir Shoshanna!

~ Words Above Swords ~