I had a talk with my heart,
She told me she wanted to be looked at,
The way oceans and mountains are.
I then, out of immaturity,
Thought she was seeking beauty, 
But now I realize,
She wanted only to be feared without resistance,
And if admired,
Only from a distance.

~ words above swords ~


Dear Suicidal Person…. 

Dear suicidal person, 

I know it has been terrible all this time. I know it’s getting harder to carry that heavy heart, and giving up seems like the easiest thing to do. You’re probably tired of all the “it’s all in your head”s, tired of hiding your anxiety attacks, ’cause it’ s too embarrassing.

 But that’s not the point. The point is that the next time you think of taking your life, remember that when the people who jumped off a bridge and got rescued, when asked what went inside their head during the fall, said that all their problems suddenly seemed solvable, and there arose this immense regret about which nothing could be done now. 

The point is, that Linda, who was saved from a bleeding wrist two years back, was singing today. 

The point is that Charlotte, who almost killed herself a year back because a man cheated, was crying today because her ‘a minute old’ daughter is beautiful, and her husband can’t settle on a name for the lil kid. 

That Roger, who used to be depressed, now thinks the toughest thing he does is changing Flynn’s diapers. 

That Steve, who had a problem socializing because of his stammering, just got a tonne of appreciation because his friends loved the doughnuts he made today. 

You’re not realizing today, but tomorrow you’ll know what a blessing you’ve been. Let us all not give up today for the sake and hope of that ‘Tomorrow’. 

Cold (Haiku) 

Darling I know, the
World is cold, and it’s okay
to love when it snows.

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If memories were words,
You’d be a poem, carved on gold
As precious as day first
And never fading old.
Or a million page book,
Full of love, devoid of bluff.
The more I discover you,
The more it isn’t enough.
If people were dreams,
You’d be the one making me smile in my sleep
Or if they were sensations,
You’d be a caress on my cheek,
Or my face against the breeze,
Or the first kiss on my lip.
And if people were melodies,
You’d be the one never slipping off my tongue
No matter how old it has been,
It gets subconsciously sung.
If my heart was a hundred,
Ninety nine’s in love with you
But, a percent still refuses to believe
That a soul, so pure, could even be true.
If on sadness, one could travel,
I’d be on a road, dark, broken in gravels,
Lost I tread, with an unconscious head
My voice grew sore, my eyes reddened,
I looked at you, realized,
You were my long awaited dead-end.
If I could I’d stay here at this very dead end,
And write all about you till I’m alive,
But darling, everything about you can’t be fitted
In the time of a single life.

Durga Puja 2017

So, here we are, at the end of the much awaited festival, Durga Puja. Even though it’s celebrated all over India, there’s no denying that West Bengal gives this fest the most enthusiastic touch with the grand celebration and the highly spirited population.

One of the most popular activities that people indulge in during the pujas is no doubt ‘Pandal hopping’. Being a resident of West Bengal, I too had the opportunity of being a part of all of this.

I had a tour across some of the places which are very well known for their Pandals. I witnessed the works of one of the most talented and brilliant people who had such wonders to display. Via this blog I want to appreciate all those wonderful and fantastic people who gave their efforts in making this Puja highly memorable.

Amarpally Pandal

This pandal was designed beautifully in the shape of a temple on a boat, and was a beautiful structure to behold.


This pandal, near Rodkal bus stop, had a very innovative tribal theme which was executed perfectly.

Lake Town

This pandal, near Lake town crossing, had a very simple, yet enchanting view to provide with colors, positivity and outskirt-ish vibes.

Dum dum park

Dum dum park had a lot of beautiful pandals which left my eyes wide open, for the beauty that immersed was just too much; which I will be showing one by one. The Tarun Sangha, Bharat Chakra, etc. committees took the responsibility of building these wonderful structures. Bharat Chakra was also awarded INR 50,000

1. Dum Dum Park (1)

2. Dum Dum Park (2)- by Bharat Chakra

3. Dum dum park (3) – tarun sangha

4. Dum Dum park (4)


The pandal in Shreebhumi attracted huge ammount of crowd. It was themed on the Mahishmati fort which was portrayed in one of the most popular Indian movies this year – ‘Bahubai’. One of the reasons why the pandal here is so famous is because they use real gold jewelry every year for the ‘shringar’ (decoration) of Goddess Durga’s idol.

The crowd outside was huge and it even started raining, but it still couldn’t break the ‘puja’ spirit!

The entire state was lit with with lights and wonderful decorations….

So, this was all for today. Give me your feedbacks below, or let me know of any suggestions that you have!

~ Words Above Swords ~

1 year, 2 months and 18 days

I ask him over the phone, “How do I look?” 

One year, two months and eighteen days since he last saw me, and yet he has the same answer 

“You look beautiful”

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If life was a paper
Mine’s been scribbled over,some by me, some by others,
Lend me, please, a blank sheet
Wish to write it again all over.

Scribbled pages,
Speaking of my cheers and rages,
Written emotions, written feelings
Suppressed under a mesh of ink,

Smudged papers,
Smelling of spilled liquor,
Blue and black, mixed together,

Here I am again, trying to mess
With time and tide
Through scribbles, a bit of past trying to hide,
The other bit, trying to recover.

Scribbles covering my eyes,
Mists surround, fog bound is my head,
Waiting for the wind to blow over,
Make me feel clear and sober. 

Diaries full of blue and black, 
Tired of writing all my rants, 
Bins are full from crumbled pages
A smile waiting to be put on, since ages.

I’ve seen enough of black and blue, 
Where have gone the other hues? 
When will I get to see the other colors? 
Even if I do, who’ll paint me again all over? 

~ Words above Swords ~