Dear Suicidal Person…. 

Dear suicidal person, 

I know it has been terrible all this time. I know it’s getting harder to carry that heavy heart, and giving up seems like the easiest thing to do. You’re probably tired of all the “it’s all in your head”s, tired of hiding your anxiety attacks, ’cause it’ s too embarrassing.

 But that’s not the point. The point is that the next time you think of taking your life, remember that when the people who jumped off a bridge and got rescued, when asked what went inside their head during the fall, said that all their problems suddenly seemed solvable, and there arose this immense regret about which nothing could be done now. 

The point is, that Linda, who was saved from a bleeding wrist two years back, was singing today. 

The point is that Charlotte, who almost killed herself a year back because a man cheated, was crying today because her ‘a minute old’ daughter is beautiful, and her husband can’t settle on a name for the lil kid. 

That Roger, who used to be depressed, now thinks the toughest thing he does is changing Flynn’s diapers. 

That Steve, who had a problem socializing because of his stammering, just got a tonne of appreciation because his friends loved the doughnuts he made today. 

You’re not realizing today, but tomorrow you’ll know what a blessing you’ve been. Let us all not give up today for the sake and hope of that ‘Tomorrow’. 


Such a stretched hiatus it was! 😅

Hello everyone! All you brilliant people!

‘Course you did! :’D

Okay, so It’s been so long since I wrote… well…there were a lot of things going on while I was off

  • My preboard examinations
  • Then, board examinations (which went very well, thankfully)
  • Had my coaching started for 11th grade
  • Had a scholarship test to prepare for
  • Had to visit Bilaspur


  • My grandmother expired…..

Yeah… that was it. I had to immediately leave for my hometown and attend all the rituals. May she rest in peace.

I was busy. I’m so sorry I couldn’t update my blog very often.
*Blimey, it’s cost me three followers ;_;*

Anyway, I’m back fellas and I will be writing soon. 

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Puns. Puns. Everywhere.

What if Taylor Swift was an Ovule of some flower? 
She’d probably sing “we never go out of the STYLE”

Refer to this diagram in case you didn’t understand the pun!

An intellectual once remarked, “Shitty Science Puns are love, Shitty Science Puns are life” 😎
Yeah, that’s me ofcourse! 😂

Are you a fan of puns too?

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What Sherlock does to the fandom!

Let’s just order a pizza and let the curtains down as we darken the room. And then, let’s watch Sherlock as we cuddle, with my head on your chest, so I can silently fall asleep on you ❤

No, WAIT. I can’t sleep while I watch Sherlock @_@

So, change of plan. Let’s order a pizza and let the curtains down as we darken the room. And then, let’s watch Sherlock, so I’ll take a pizza slice and hold it right in front of my open mouth but won’t eat it ’cause I’m so concentrated 😎. And in the end, I’ll just cry over the death of a fictional character and you’ll just sit and stare at me because you know that the person isn’t ACTUALLY dead but you know if you told me that I’ll punch you in the face (and that will not be subtext) so you just shut up because you know that even I know the person isn’t actually dead but I’m gonna cry anyway and you just choose to hug me till I sneeze in your t-shirt. 😂😂😂 

Oh, wouldn’t that be lovely? :’D

Okay, I watched “The six thatchers” a couple of nights ago. I cried and cried and cried……….and cried again……………. yeah I know that’s stupid but I did it anyway 😅

that is how I can describe my condition *at the beginning of the episode* vs *the ending of the episode*

The episode is full of suspence which I am looking forward to be answered to in the next episodes. It has been the most devastating of all the episodes.I wasn’t ready for it, I really wasn’t. I can’t wait till the release of the other episodes because this tv series really does owe me a happy ending.

Tell me your views about “the six thatchers” in the comments ☺

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Evolution of peer pressure

Remember the days you used to hate Justin Beiber for no reason at all? Just because everybody hated him, eh? Even if you liked his singing you mimicked puking and used to go “yukk” and “eww” on hearing someone mention his name. If this seems relatable to you, then say hello to the root of all this – peer pressure. Everyone of us has gone through peer pressure, and I have been no exception either! But I see peer pressure has paid respect to Dr. Charles Darwin and gone through evolution. And this very recent regeneration of peer pressure has brought us this – I don’t like doing it simply because everybody else does it. 

You really like pouting but don’t pout. Not because you don’t like it but because it’s so very common. You love high heels but you don’t wear it. Not because it’s uncomfortable but because your “tomboyish”reputation will get a crack. Teddy bears are a real comfort to you after a horror movie watch but you don’t have a single of it. Why? Because they’re too “girly”. You love winging your eyeliners and contouring your face, but don’t. Why? I probably don’t even need to mention the reason!

Men, have not been any different, too! Love clicking selfies, but don’t. That new hairstyle which you have seen many try, would look great on your square shaped face with that edge-cutting jawline. You know that, right? But, nah you won’t try it because everybody’s onto it. Or should I say “it’s too mainstream”. Love those deodrants with strong smells but nah, won’t use it. Love reading love stories, but won’t because it isn’t that so called “manly”. Holding your tears in sentimental movies “No, I’m not supposed to cry. Control for God’s sake, just don’t cry. Girls cry in movies. Damn, is that my tear… oh no… somebody make this hall darker, nobody should see me like this… ok i’ll just put my hand on my face to pretend i’m supporting my chin and then secretly wipe that tear off” and chanting this stuff in your mind.

Won’t do this, ’cause everybody else does this. Won’t use it ’cause everybody else uses it. Won’t try it ’cause everybody’s tryin’ it.

If you can’t relate to what I have written above, I am proud of you. But if you can, learn to be proud of yourself. If disliking something because everybody else dislikes it is stupid, then disliking something because everybody else likes it is just as stupid. 

You don’t do something and justify it as to be “girly”. What is wrong with being girly, have you ever wondered that? You might answer it with “I want to be different”. Who do you have to prove that you are different? And even if you did…what use is it if you have to stay away from things you really like doing. 

It is okay to admit that your likings and your choices have changed over time. It is okay to do things which other people do as well and you don’t have to prove you’re different to anybody. 

And, just to let you know, it is absolutely okay to cry in movies or in other situations. You don’t have to pretend that you’re strong, because you actually are, and crying, in no manner is the measure of your strength. And you know, nobody bothers about you crying, no one’s even gonna remember it. So cry whenever and wherever you feel like because when you stop your tears from coming out, they get stored in your heart… and nothing is heavier than that. 

You don’t have to prove that you are different and you don’t have to show how strong you are.YOU know you’re unique, YOU know you’re not week, and that is all that matters.

Half century!

Hello all my lovely followers! A huge huge HHHHUUUUUUGGGGGGEEEEEEE thank you to all of you… 

Like, I still remember when I started from ZERO. And after all that, this really means A LOT to me 💗 

Me loves y’all too, followers. Stay in touch, have a lovely day as well as night, because you people just MADE. MY. DAY. 😍

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Busy days!

Hello everyone, all my lovely readers and all amazing bloggers. I have been SO SO SO busy in quite a while. Ever since October, I had a visit to Pune, I had my examinations, schooling and bla bla bla, but anyway, I’m so thankful to all my followers for being so patient. 

And the busy days are over, Imma get back here more often. Plus, I have wonderful things to share about my visits, I have my paintings to show and so much more. I will come back with everything VERY VERY SOON. 😎

When rumours turn funny!

Yesterday, I was conversing with my mom and dad and the topic eventually dropped on their marriage and I came to know about an incident, which was rather funny. :’D

So, what had actually happened was that the marriage was over and my dad (the groom) had not eaten yet. The reason, I don’t exactly know, but the weather was hot and he just didn’t feel like eating, and his friends had already eaten, so probably he was unwilling to eat alone.

This somehow turned into a rumour that the groom is not eating because he is miffed at something. The rumour reached my granddad’s ears (my mom’s dad). Back in those days, the groom and his family members were treated as if they were superior than the bride’s family. Also, back then, if the groom has not eaten because he is annoyed, it meant that he has a high demand, which was in most cases- a lump sum of DOWRY.

My granddad, scared and worried, got a huge plate ready with all the food items in it, and walked 200 metres to the place where my dad was staying. He was curious about what the demand will be, and very worried because he was of a lower-middle class family and didnot know if he will be able to afford his demands or not. What he was expecting is that he would have to convince my dad a lot so that he has his dinner, and of course, the demands!

Well, we all know that my dad wasn’t annoyed. By that time he started getting hungry. When granddad entered, quite on the contrary of what he had expected, daddy stood up (as a sign of respect), exchanged a few greetings, grabbed the plate from granddad’s hand and started having his dinner.

Slightly relieved, my granddad just stood there BEWILDERED.

Of course, the confusion was cleared afterwards.

It’s just amusing how funny rumours can get :’D

PS : The couple in the featured image are my lovely parents ❤