Wondering about me, are you?


Not many people tend to visit this particular page, but I see you are an exception and I see you wanna know more about me rather than just looking at my posts! Well thanks for having a look.

This website, means a lot to me. I tend to write quite often, I paint, I sketch, (Not a professional though!) and travelling is what I live for. These are pretty little pieces of me and wordpress is where I get to share these with the world. This website is where I pour my heart out. This is where I shout out when I want no one to hear but all to listen. This is the best part about being a writer, isn’t it? I can write hundreds of stories and no one would know they’re a reality I once experienced!

You, my friend, when read my pieces of writings, I demand you to leave every ounce of judgmental feelings. The more you see, the more you read and the more you absorb my emotions, the more I make myself vulnerable to you… If you have seen my posts, you know my weaknesses probably more than most people who see me everyday, and I shall not hesitate to admit that this very fact petrifies me. So, dear stranger, make sure you always remain a stranger to me. Sometimes, I expose my wounds to let them breathe, to allow them air, and I shall not tolerate an outsider stinging on my wounds and feeding on my blood. Dear visitor, you are allowed to watch how I heal, but from a distance. A single step closer is unacceptable.

I may seem harsh, but if I do, allow me to request you to leave immediately as I stick with my demand for the isolation of any judgmental mentality.

Thank you for being patient. Enjoy reading my website. I hope you’re enthralled!

But I am still confused at the thought of someone visiting this page. Thank you very much again!

– Nishita Singh –