What Sherlock does to the fandom!

Let’s just order a pizza and let the curtains down as we darken the room. And then, let’s watch Sherlock as we cuddle, with my head on your chest, so I can silently fall asleep on you ❤

No, WAIT. I can’t sleep while I watch Sherlock @_@

So, change of plan. Let’s order a pizza and let the curtains down as we darken the room. And then, let’s watch Sherlock, so I’ll take a pizza slice and hold it right in front of my open mouth but won’t eat it ’cause I’m so concentrated 😎. And in the end, I’ll just cry over the death of a fictional character and you’ll just sit and stare at me because you know that the person isn’t ACTUALLY dead but you know if you told me that I’ll punch you in the face (and that will not be subtext) so you just shut up because you know that even I know the person isn’t actually dead but I’m gonna cry anyway and you just choose to hug me till I sneeze in your t-shirt. 😂😂😂 

Oh, wouldn’t that be lovely? :’D

Okay, I watched “The six thatchers” a couple of nights ago. I cried and cried and cried……….and cried again……………. yeah I know that’s stupid but I did it anyway 😅

that is how I can describe my condition *at the beginning of the episode* vs *the ending of the episode*

The episode is full of suspence which I am looking forward to be answered to in the next episodes. It has been the most devastating of all the episodes.I wasn’t ready for it, I really wasn’t. I can’t wait till the release of the other episodes because this tv series really does owe me a happy ending.

Tell me your views about “the six thatchers” in the comments ☺

~ words above swords ~


10 thoughts on “What Sherlock does to the fandom!

    1. I had read the spoilers accidentally and yet till the last minute i was reciting to myself “mary shouldn’t die, for God’s sake”
      …… and then I cried T_T
      The worst part – when Sherlock told Mrs. Hudson that whenever I get overconfident, just say “Norbury” to me…… which just shows that he has lost faith in himself 😞
      And ofcourse… baby watson was probably the only “happy” thing about that episode 💙

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            1. That’s really nice… but when I started reading the book I got bored because Sherlock and John were so effing polite to each other… I mean… no Sherlock it’s not Doctor Watson it’s Jawwn :’D and no John you’re not supposed to great Sherlock when he comes back from the dead you’re supposed to punch him on the face so hard he bleeds 😂

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              1. LOL
                It was different with me. I first read the entire adventures and novels, and then I discovered the show, and became a Sherlockian.


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