Kas Plateau/ Kas Pathar, the valley of flowers

It was the first week of October, me and my family, we headed from Pune to Kas Plateau. The destination was wonderful, but the journey, 😍😍😍 it was so much more beautiful, just so breathtaking. A road trip is all that was needed, infact!  

My father, being a geophysicist, told me about the formation of these plateaus. The plateaus of Central and Southern India have been formed as layers of volcanic deposition. On our way, we actually saw layers of different colored soils on the walls of the plateaus. The top most layer was reddish, as a result of continuous weathering and oxidation. The one below it was dark brown and then it was Ochre-ish. It was indeed an amazimg thing to witness.

Ascending on the plateau felt more like Ascending a mountain, but when you are on top of the plateau, it’s just as flat as a cheese slice! And once you’re on the edge of a plateau, you can’t afford to close your eyes *_* scenic beauty sinks to the deepest core of your heart, and settles as one of the most beautiful memories.

After 4 long hours, we FINALLY arrived at Kas. Flowers, flowers everywhere 😍! I hadn’t seen such flowers before. And the most astonishing part, they have been growing there naturally, they haven’t been planted from some other place.

From at a distance, the yellow flowers looked like yellow dyed velvet stretched out on a green carpet. 

It was the end of the flowering season of Kas, and so, much of the flowers had faded already, but the landscape and the lake made up for it ❤ 

Overall, the trip was perfect, the entry fee was totally affordable, the whole place was well maintained, and the 4 hours long journey, was totally worth it ❤ I would say it would make an amazing trekking spot!

And ofcourse, it was a perfect selfie spot :’D

That’s it! Tell me if you’been to any similar place, or if you know the names of the posted flowers 😅😅😅 

Hope y’all enjoyed it. Keep reading my blog, and I love you all!

Bye bye, alvida, adios, tata, auf weidersehen, au revoir 
*imagine I wrote “bye” in your language* 😀


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