Durga Puja 2016

The festive smell has diffused all across India, but it definitely is concentrated in West Bengal. Durga Puja has arrived and we are all well aware of the beautiful pandals of West Bengal of Goddess Durga.

Being from an atheist family, I really don’t know the exact significance and story of this festival. I mean, it is not that we don’t believe in God, we just don’t believe that rotating incense sticks in front of carved stones based on imaginary things, can make any difference. All I know about it is that Goddess Durga killed demon Mahishasur and we celebrate this victory ever year.

Me and my best friend went to visit the pandals and the idols and I have to say, the presence of such enormous beauty just couldn’t fit in my eyes. 

The pandaal of Mall road, made of cardboard and cardboard rolls. Very beautiful indeed!

That is what we had for lunch 😍

The pandal of Rodkal, made of wooden sticks, was so huge couldn’t fit within my camera! I was mesmerized at that pandal

The pandal near Amarpally. It was pretty interesting and was themed on the railway station Ghum. It also had a nice entrance path.

We had heard a lot about Shree Bhumi’s pandal. Really, it was worth beholding. It was themed on the Jagannath temple of Puri. 

You can get an idea of how crowded it was at Shree bhumi.

A not so famous, yet beautiful pandal of Shree Bhumi. Oh! And that is me in the photograph.

A beautiful lotus shaped pandal of Dum Dum Park. I couldn’t get to see the inside because of the huge crowd (‘._.)

Another pandal of Dum Dum Park. Sorry for the photograph’s haziness. As you can see the crowd you can understand that it was pretty difficult for me to click.

This pandal of Gorabazar, is situated right beside my appartment. It was based on rural Bengal and there were traditional Bengali paintings hung on the walls. Simple yet beautiful! 

Beautiful decorations to be seen everywhere :’)

That is all. I will go to Pune tomorrow to visit my brother and uncle amd I guess I will be full of stories when I return from there. Till then, Adios! 🙂 


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