Heavenly Boons

What they really are, will remain a mystery for me, for I have always wondered what could have been the cause of birth of such heavenly boons.

On the black coffee of Caffeina, are they little drops of milk?

Are they splashes of white paint on a dark canvas of Iris?

Or are they beads which fell off Theia’s gown as she danced upon the sky?

Are they flowers of silver petals in the garden of Arianrhod?

Are they tiny drops of sweat which fell off Selene’s skin?

Or are they tears of Algea which froze in the arms of Auril?

It’ll always be a mystery to me, what they really are,

But I’ve heard a lot of people calling them “stars”.

PS : It’s my birthday, readers! [In the middle of exams (‘._.) ]


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