Bolin sketch – Dumcheese drawing request

So, I had my first drawing request by dumcheese! which was Bolin from the Legend of Korra. So, there it is 👆Request a Bolin and get a Pabu free 😁

This week has been just so very busy. I have my exams starting from tomorrow and the first subject is Mathematics. I have been studying since THREE STRAIGHT DAYS. Also, I have joined table tennis classes. I am so glad I joined it. It’s a great sport and I really enjoy there. The teacher is VERY co-operative and the best part, there are only 4-5 students in my batch. So, the lesser the students, the more attention to each student. At the very beginning I wasn’t very excited about it as I was looking forward to learning badminton but badminton classes were really far so I ended up in table tennis. I have to say I was so wrong in pre-judging table tennis. It’s been like two weeks and I learnt a lil part of spin and it’s really cool you know. In this spin, the ball drops in the forward direction and jumps back in the backward direction. It’s really interesting getting indulged in some sport!

Also, I am exactly the opposite of what they call to be “flexible”. So much, that my elder brother says “tere shareer pe jagah jagah zang lagi hui hai” which is the hindi for “there’s rust in most parts of your body” So, brother dear, I think table tennis might fix that up a bit!

That’s enough for today. Do give your feedbacks regarding the sketch.

See y’all sooner……….or later, either of that! (I know I know. I’ve copied that from Peter Capaldi)


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