When rumours turn funny!

Yesterday, I was conversing with my mom and dad and the topic eventually dropped on their marriage and I came to know about an incident, which was rather funny. :’D

So, what had actually happened was that the marriage was over and my dad (the groom) had not eaten yet. The reason, I don’t exactly know, but the weather was hot and he just didn’t feel like eating, and his friends had already eaten, so probably he was unwilling to eat alone.

This somehow turned into a rumour that the groom is not eating because he is miffed at something. The rumour reached my granddad’s ears (my mom’s dad). Back in those days, the groom and his family members were treated as if they were superior than the bride’s family. Also, back then, if the groom has not eaten because he is annoyed, it meant that he has a high demand, which was in most cases- a lump sum of DOWRY.

My granddad, scared and worried, got a huge plate ready with all the food items in it, and walked 200 metres to the place where my dad was staying. He was curious about what the demand will be, and very worried because he was of a lower-middle class family and didnot know if he will be able to afford his demands or not. What he was expecting is that he would have to convince my dad a lot so that he has his dinner, and of course, the demands!

Well, we all know that my dad wasn’t annoyed. By that time he started getting hungry. When granddad entered, quite on the contrary of what he had expected, daddy stood up (as a sign of respect), exchanged a few greetings, grabbed the plate from granddad’s hand and started having his dinner.

Slightly relieved, my granddad just stood there BEWILDERED.

Of course, the confusion was cleared afterwards.

It’s just amusing how funny rumours can get :’D

PS : The couple in the featured image are my lovely parents ❤


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