The Boy Next Door

Okay, so you must have already got an intuition what this blog is about by looking at the featured image and by reading the heading…!!!

So, there are quite a lot of girls who tend to fall for the “boy next door”. Pretty little teenage things :’D ….. This poem for y’all.


Hey you, the boy next door,

You make my timid heart uproar

And I get a lump in my throat

Just by your thought.


I’m coward enough,

To get you near,

So Imma write it

All up here.


So listen you, boy next door,

The way you slick your hairs back,

Makes the back of mind go “once more”

And when that one sided smile goes

Lifting your cheek bones,

My heart says “Encore”


Hey you, the boy next door

You settle your specs on your nose,

I couldn’t adore any more.

Got no idea how much it lures

When you roll your sleeves up

Too many heartbeats speed up.


When I heard you

For the first time laughing,

Couldn’t help my heart from sinking.

And I’ve been thinking,

That this boy next door,

I got feelings for him, but obscure.

But one thing I know, for sure

That you’ve contaminated my heart so pure.

You’re my ailment and my cure.


And there’s this section,

In my brain called emotion.

And it’s captured by you,

I can’t release, how much I try to.


To, the boy next door,

Sincere girl gone immature,

Can I talk to you once more?

Can I laugh with you, once more?

Can I have those butterflies, once more?

Can you make those impulses run through me,

Once more?

And can we have “good byes” no more?



6 thoughts on “The Boy Next Door

  1. The very fact of admitting that girls too have fondness/infatuation with opposite gender is quite appreciable & good. We would have been relieved if this would have been the stance in our days, in our time i.e. your uncle’s days it was taken sinful for girls & a taboo for rest of the world. We have changed a lot since then…..society gradually matures. But then I admire your courage to express especially when your mom is from that yester era. So far as any poetic expression & its freedom is concerned there is no metes & bounds, we live in a free society now. Creativity is not to be strangulated on the touchstone of society’s draconian dictums. LEAVING APART SUCH OUTLINE, I AM STILL BIT DISTURBED AS BOTH OF YOU (NISHITA & SWAGATAA) ARE IN2 POETIC EXPRESSION ON SAME DAY. ARE YOU BOTH TESTING MY ABILITIES? BUT THERE IS A QUESTION WITH REGARDS TO THIS GENRE…..WHY DID YOU PICK THIS TOPIC?

    HOWEVER your poem…… “THE BOY NEXT DOOR”….compels one to feel really happy & to take cognizance of all what has been scribbled & elates their mind as well, since there is nothing in this situation which can be unilateral. Pounding/palpitating/beating heart is quite obvious particularly if it’s that weak, and it may be to the extent of sucking of guts if there has to be any situation of squaring of the eyes……this can be professed. Pigeon hearted lass after confronting a lad is bound to be into such situations. The reasons to have a distance & yet resorting to vent this emotion through pen is quite commendable with this poetic declaration. What has made you carried away has been whispered in the most subtle tone delivering up all what goes into the mind/body/soul through tasteful selection of words. It is admirable that the blend of appropriate words goes tastefully with the recipe for serving this sonnet.

    What captivates you or loathes you has been dreamily said through plain submission, which replicates as if any lass could be confiding things to her mother, then be it slicking of his hairs, wearing of spectacles, rolling of his sleeves, smiling, laughing or whatever which drives her into adoration during such situations…..this is certainly a plain simple & humble acknowledgement to her seniors……..but your terminal lines are growing robust in propensity & intensity. BUT I SUGGEST ONE CORRECTION…. “Couldn’t help my heart from sinking……….. I mean why sinking & why not pounding/drubbing…….. Sinking is used when one is on verge of collapsing medically….& I think this not the context”.

    Rhyming byline in the culmination enables readers to peep into the hearts of such girls who are yet into bewilderment of theirs of WHETHER IT COULD BE ANY FEELING FOR A BOY NEXT DOOR or be just some sort of disorder for a while. But it is very innocently confided that above all there is a brain which triggers emotions nevertheless it gives reasoning that….. Yes THE BOY IS INCARCERATED & LANGUISHES THERE WITH HER……. The best part is the penned emotions IN CONCLUDING LINES which have not been portrayed erringly about her, rather it is admitted that she may be infatuated due to her emotions/age & yet she has a modest REQUEST…….to indulge into chattering, laughing and be surrounded with butterflies again……..because something then creates a vacuum & that too has been sought with earnest requests…..a reprise for that hormonal call for redeeming the togetherness…….where ideally there would be no parting away………..

    I am literally carried away by the theme & circumstances which have been precisely crafted and put forth. Good keep writing……it gave me tough time to write back on this poem……..

    There is an opposite situation for a boy here in this linking song….Listen it this even.. living next door to alice…..

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