Tell Me About It

Tell me about it,

I wanna listen,

Let me turn your hurricanes

Into drizzles,

Let me freeze your tears

Into crystals.


Tell me about it,

I wanna help,

Scream about it,

I’ll take in your yells.


I’ll hold my breath,

For all the times you’ve drowned,

I’ll wrinkle my face,

For every second you frowned.

I’ll hold  my breath,

Yes, hold my breath,

Make my heartbeat race

For whenever you were close to death.


Let me breath your air,

Make me walk in your shoe,

Let me feel your pain

I’ll help you pass this through.


I’ll listen wide awake

About your sleepless nights,

I’ll listen to your stories,

How the fate backbites.


Tell me about

Your griefs and blues,

Let me help you turn ’em

Into colourful hues.


I can’t stop your tear

But I’ll cry with you,

I might not come to a solution,

But I’ll try with you.


Through your heart

Let me pass my fingers,

I won’t pinch, just stroke

As your feeling lingers

Into mine,

Let me feel, let me hear

Your whine.


Tell me about it,

But remove that facade,

Come in unveiled,

Tell me about that “something”

That’s been never revealed.


Tell me about it,

I’m ready to listen                                                                                                                                            I

I wanna help,

Wanna remove your poignance

All you need to do is,

Tell me about it.


Tell me about it,

Your story untold

Beneath your eyes,

And behind this pair

There’s a book unprepared,

I’ll read it from my eyes

And print it with my tear.


Tell me about it,

As you unfold,

Every page of

Your story untold

                                                -Nishita Singh 


6 thoughts on “Tell Me About It

  1. Hello Nishita,

    Such a moving poem. Come to think of it, if only more people felt this empathy and compassion towards each other, the world would have been much more of a pleasant place to be in isn’t it?

    Keep penning 🙂


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  2. NISHITA beta….I admire your zeal for exhibiting empathy for all….this reveals yours tenderness of your soul and mind. You have opened it nicely by stating what you want from those who are in pain. Great you wish to mutate all crises to euphoria….. “…hurricane into drizzle & tears into crystal….”. I thought you wrote for your mom, but she could clear my misconception that it was for all. We mostly write for singular subjects, but this generic poetic expression for all requires thorough goodness & I feel proud about you, because goodness is mostly found in appearance only i.e. it is cosmetic & mostly hypocrisy. Goodness is harbinger of beauty, happiness & feel-free life. Because such happiness is actual age defying cream. So I think with this trait you are going to be a good person indeed.

    Philanthropic stance is manifested in your nature, “…YOUR MANDATE…you are seeking it from the aggrieved, you do want to listen it from them- it’s noble (people actually don’t even want to listen anyone’s miseries)…”, no sooner when you give a concern for merely listening people, it dispenses their agonies & distresses automatically. Actually needy get their leverage when they associate this way with anyone who has this compassion. There are lots of underprivileged who need nothing, not even a helping hand, but anyone who can understand them and just make their presence felt as a backup, invigorating them further. But yet you are submitting that you would like to help them & vent their suffocations. Kudos!!!

    You are actually assuring through your unconditional obligation that you can scream for all those who don’t have a voice for themselves or stop breathing for those who are suffocated so that they could breathe freedom. Wow!!! …and you want to crinkle your eyebrows so that your surrounding can express happiness if they are into any worries…. I mean I was compelled to think for a situation where anyone can think even of doing so for others sake… is an unparalleled emotion for humanity at your tender age…..that was the reason I asked your mom if that was written for you. She removed my doubts with an unexpected answer. But since you wrote….that “……for whenever you were close to death”, such intriguing aspect was obvious to ferment in my brain. We use “you” for near & dear ones.

    But hereafter the resolution is purely focusing someone “you”, and if it is so then it reveals that Nishita you have a concern for all as close as any dearest only. But then if you want to undertake anyone’s pain so that it is alleviated for them, exhibits the poetic prowess exuberantly demonstrating that there is a message from your end to all those who are into distress, so that they may not have to endure afflicted pain or endure it a bit thereafter. Salutes to your tenacity to have admitted this…this signifies the feminine trait married to strength. Overwhelming nature mostly takes a toll on lovely ladies like this….and you are one in making, so don’t overdo that….at least so that you have some energy remaining to live healthy…if you feel hurt to read, then my blessing…God help you always….. There are subtle nodes of rhyming words making them catchy & this is appreciably justified. This has helped you to paint backbites & sleepless nights, blues & hues, crying & trying, …assuring that if someone has mellowed then also you would indulge into some sort of soothing or balm them.

    But then at the point of passing fingers through anyone’s heart shows you have matured prior to your age, and yet you want to feel the pain of theirs through this act. I mean you are making your fingers into some sort of probing device which could gauge the agony or whatever similar. …But you have a precondition for it, and that is required so that you are not cheated by false miseries…..YOU WANT THAT AGGRIEVED DISCLOSES EVERYTHING SO THAT IT IS SO TRANSPARENT FOR YOU TO FIND A REMEDY….WHEN YOU ARE ASKING… “TO KNOW ABOUT SOMETHING THAT HAS NEVER BEEN REVEALED”….. yes there are instances when people are into problems yet can’t tell for sake of taboo, inhibitions, disgrace or stigma……but yet you want to know is really good of you. Actually no sooner you vent this veiled thing the distress finds it’s going….so you are right in your riders for agonies before you can lend compassion….YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY…. & SO ON…….I know one such woman who despite her agonies has resurrected me from my worries……my life is indebted to her & I love her thus very much….. And I pray that this toll doesn’t rob you for your overwhelming gesture of humanity…….

    Poignancy takes us all into some world of loneliness, and I find you there as a tourist guide provided you have been briefed with past journey details…..this is most apt way to traverse rest of the journey. IT IS USUAL THAT THE REMEDY FOR OURSELVES LIES WITHIN US ONLY PROVIDED SOMEONE CAN BECOME A CANDLE IN THE WIND FOR US. Because when they see, they see it unbiased & they are actually bestowed with full wisdom. This is what I am seeing in you too. But I caution how to practice it.

    NISHITA concluding lines are very very nice. You want to sob enough so that the grief is inked on the heart called book provided there is someone with whom you can square eyes for sake of discovering the untold past. And the process of unfolding is obvious, since thereafter there is nothing which stops to rearrange rest of the pages to read togetherness of tenacious saga.

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