I Don’t Miss You Mom

I would like to dedicated this post to my mother, Saroj Singh. Thank you maa for having always stayed by my side, and for being my constant source of support. I am indebted by your love and affection, and it cannot be repaid in a single lifetime!

Dear Mom,

Maa I turned 15 today. Daddy has organised a huge party for me. All my friends are here. If only you were alive today, then probably we wouldn’t have to call the caterer. Daddy says no restaurant could match your “chhola puri“. I never got to taste your food. My friends bring tiffins made by their mom. They keep complaining about it “I don’t understand, why can’t she prepare food with little more spices, this is tasteless” “Uggghhh! Not bitter gourd again”. Daddy gives me money to eat whatever I like from the canteen. But maa, I get really hungry till Recess. The maid prepares breakfast at 7 everyday. By the time I sit for breakfast, those thick chapatis get cold and distasteful. I feed ’em to the dogs outside. Daddy doesn’t know about this because he leaves early for work. What is it like mom? Being scolded for not eating? How does it feel mom, knowing that your well-being bothers someone?

I braid my hairs and leave for school. It takes me six clips to fix all the hairs which go out of place. If you would have been here, then probably I wouldn’t have to think about my hairs. I’ve seen your photographs, your hairs were beautiful, quite lustrous too! My hairs are straight like yours, but unlike yours, they’re lifeless and dull. I tried oil-massaging my hairs on my own, but keeping my hands up for a long time results in an ache. If you were alive, would you massage my hairs? Would my hairs be as beautiful as yours?

I visit grandma in every few months. She says my actions resemble the way you acted in your childhood. If you were alive today, would I remind you of your childhood?

All my friends keep complaining about their mother, and their daily fights. “She doesn’t understand me” “She scolded me in front of my relatives” “We have a generation gap and she refuses to accept that”. What is it like mom? Fighting with your mother? Do you think we would have fought the same way if you were alive today? I think yes, because if you were alive, I wouldn’t have understood your value, just like other kids.

Oh! Remember that girl who complained about her mother not adding much spices to her tiffin? Once, when her mom had come to school, I had seen her taking out a prescription from her purse, crumbling it and throwing it away. She didn’t notice I was standing right behind her. She was suffering from piles and perhaps she’s worried and doesn’t want her daughter to suffer from what she has been suffering. I think she has hidden her disease from her daughter. Foolish girl! Doesn’t know how lucky she is.

Daddy has been a great father. He takes care of all my needs and tries his best to compensate your lack. I’ve seen him in tears with your photograph in his hands. He says I look a lot like you. He even calls me Junior Shraddha sometimes. Daddy misses you a lot. I don’t miss you. I don’t even remember you; neither your face, nor your voice. But I feel your absence. It seems like life could have been different in your presence.

Probably, I would have known what it feels like when your mom cooks for you, how it feels when your mom braids your hairs, or, how it feels when your mom feeds you with her own hands. How it feels when your mother doesn’t sleep all night when you’re ill, or, when your mom takes her orhni to cover your head under the scorching sun. Probably I would have been blessed with a little sister/brother by now.

Probably, I would have known what it feels like to have a mother.

Yours lovingly,











7 thoughts on “I Don’t Miss You Mom

  1. Shruti gr8. .

    .u chose an auspicious day to start blogging.

    ..I remember how Lil girls always try to replicate their mom’s every aspect. Its inherently a child’s play but it’s her grooming for future.

    A healthy seed is therefore often borne by an ailing tree…n here lies the nature’s truth…progeny needs to perpetuate and this has happened from ages….n would continue till such precepts of natural laws sustain…but this only earmarks one entity. …its mother who has this pious duty n right…However I am not finished I would recomment further. …but wait……..


    1. Thank you so much Rajesh uncle ^_^ those were really kind words of yours and it is great to hear that my blog is being appreciated!
      PS : My real name is not Shruti, it was just a name I chose for the character.


  2. OMG

    u have uncanny ways to declare a war by ur own words n u won’t pick ur sword either
    ….This is what you say. .words above sword………just shuffle the order n u r winning the scuffle. ..gr8….in school days I was scared of ur mom….ek to usay hindi mei achhay number aatey thay aur hindi aur sanskrit wale teachers mujhse pareshan se thay. .to yakinun mujhe tension hoti theee…Qki ye maloom thaa hindi raas nahi ayegi…fir ur mom was always serious type…….but now I have discovered this trait in u…..The name coined suggests ur capacities. ….I CONGRATULATE U AGAIN FOR STARTING UR BLOG….GR8 KEEP WRITING….IT FUELS MY BRAIN WHEN I READ PEACEFULLY. …


    Liked by 1 person

  3. Dear bachee. ..

    I am happy to acknowledge u that u have ur own inherent instinct to narrate a story…its beautifully crafted.

    R u having any friend who hasn’t a mother…n have u ever got that feeling of how it’s all about for missing a loving mother despite a respite available from kind papa who could handle both the roles….especially if the child is girl….I mean these thoughts do undermine n scour my brain to think …O what a wave it washed me ..drenched me n is still deluging me…gr8..girlie….

    Wherein u mention that tresses can come 2 life due to mom is gr8 contributory factor…All that scalp massaging n braiding. ..vow…2 this depiction …n that granny admiring n comparing Lil angel with her mom completes the hearty n congenial coherence between mother n daughter in law……..seldom happens. ….n papa for his dead spouse as well his darling daughter. ….SO JUNIOR WHEN U GET MARRIED TAKE CARE OF UR MOTHER IN LAW E1 IF SHE IS BIT CYNICAL. (..Boyz get respite….)

    Fighting with ur own mom is at times wrong 2 have such right….but it doesn’t brews immediately. …there is a gestation period n lot of chequered circumstances with zero understandings n willingness to tolerate…..but the aftermath is always remorseful. ….Y2 b so…..its child’s foolishness. ….n of course 4 any grown up her child remains child ….n thus children may b come defiant. ..

    Any childhood is a bliss if one has their mother…n this has been pertinently portrayed by u…self help is a refuge then….n the tormented minds of such nascent being who compares the grudges of her counterparts with her doing away silently is quite unfathomable. …

    This issue of a mom hiding her ailments n yet feeding with nutritious food which still isn’t appreciated is not uncommon. …v all make a fuss about over our meals quite often…but then v r late after attaining secluded independent quest for our sustenance. Petty Sin but forgiven

    Pa weeping with girl’s mom’s pic justifies y he should b caring junior replica…Ur narration is apposite for a home like this…I wonder from where could you fetch this wisdom.

    U have aptly concluded the story for not only missing the mom’s presence but also for the unborn bro or sis….this reveals how this lass is missing her complete home…gr8…kudos 2u buchaa

    …. But I feel your absence. It seems like life could have been different in your presence…..these r punch lines…..

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  4. Wow….. #shruti *_* such a condense and deep peice of writing i must you have a very bright future ahed……. Keep writing… Be blessed


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