Reminder To The Suppressed Souls

This post is an attempt towards reminding you of something which you have been keeping under the dark, to pour the forgotten colors on the palette of your memories.Take a punt, you will definitely relate to the things which I am about to portray.

The Suppressed Poet

Remember those sudden abstract words which popped up like bubbles in the puddle of your mind? The poet inside you got a nudge. One little stanza is what you wrote, on a creased sheet of paper, with a thready handwriting. Rough words, mere scattered alphabets they were, but what made them specifically special was the fact they they were poured directly by the soul of the poet which resides inside you.

But that stanza never turned into a poem, did it? Yes, circumstances weren’t in favor because you were busy in something which proved to be the greater need of the hour.

But that’s okay! Big or small at some point of life you have to make sacrifices.

The Suppressed Sketcher

Remember when you were exhausted after hours of assignment stuff and then with the tip of your fingers you turned the pages until the last page arrived. A pair of eyes is what you drew, beautiful indeed!


You always had a sense of sketch right beneath your palms but there was never enough incentive to sweat it out, was there? And of course, those eyes never got a face because the deadline of your assignment was close and you had important stuffs which were to be done, so you bunked sketching for later.

It happens!

The Suppressed Bookworm

There was a time when you used to complete a novel overnight. Books were something which had the capability of keeping you aloof from the world. Exploring some other world, feeling the adventures which you can never be fortunate enough to experience in reality – You loved it didn’t you?


But then, life happened and it dragged you into the mist of this busy world, like standing in the middle of a maize and not knowing the destination.

That’s life!

The Suppressed Photographer

Waking at 5 in the morning and sleeping at 1 at night – this had become a routine for you. From the rising sun to the setting moon, from the blooming buds to the falling leaves, from raindrops to dewdrops – Not a single thing could escape from being captured by your camera.

But then, life had other plans for you, and you had to keep photography aside.

Ages pass, time flies, and at the very edge of life, what you’re left with are unspoken words and unfulfilled dreams.

Look in the mirror and ask yourself, Is this really what you expected from life? I can guarantee that your answer is no, because……….

Because that sheet with your incomplete poem is still pressed in the middle of your diary, waiting for your arrival, like a river waiting to meet the sea.

Because that notebook is still present beneath your books. Because those eyes which you drew are still waiting for you, like blossoms waiting for the spring.

Because that book, you did leave it incompletely read. But that bookmark is still immanent between the pages where you had to reluctantly stop reading it.


Because that camera is still residing inside your cupboard, and even today, you pause involuntarily whenever you look at it.


Taylor Swift said, ” Life is not about surviving the storm, it’s about learning to dance in the rain”

Compromising your passions was definitely not your choice, but don’t you think you’ve let your restraints control your choices? No, no, I don’t mean compromise those other things which are a necessity for livelihood! But then you might have a question that what do I do then?

Well, how about compromising that little extra sleep which wasn’t a necessity but just an act towards fulfilling your laziness. Or, maybe, you can ignore that notification from CoC when your troops are ready. Or, perhaps, that “one last episode” could have been avoided.

Stretch your arms, assemble your accessories, and get started with your interests. Resume from where you had paused, and make sure to make a difference this time. Because ten years from now, you’ll smile at the books you read, and the poems you wrote, not at your CoC highscores.

The world is an exhibition of talents, and your contribution matters!





2 thoughts on “Reminder To The Suppressed Souls

  1. I don’t know how I could have missed this post, “Reminder to the suppressed souls” which was posted 3 months ago. We all are bestowed with many good talents, wisdom, knowledge, hobbies, skills etc. but life compels us to do something different for sustenance leaving aside these potentials dumped forever and compulsorily dragging us to nurture & hone different mundane actions. In a slow process thus we trove our likings like treasure and fail to take a stock of it ever in near future thus a big pile lays its sediments over sediments. What I find in your post is an earthmover which has potential to remove the overburden to mine up native poet, sketcher, bookworm & a photographer. I have been blessed with the said skills & do have many more, like travelling, painting, architecture, cooking, philately, bathroom singing……but I do agree with your advice that we all should take a chance to recall the forgotten & buried you within you……maybe we can still carry this pursuit later on if we are free from all shackles….

    POET: whether u r in melancholy or in gaiety, but there r instances when really words do spurt in ornamental way expressing what has been languishing inside your mind and which are apt for the situation witnessed…..and all of sudden scene changes & the expression even if committed to memory is released from incarceration….u then pathetically fail to recall it with same finesse…….you may help for a moment with a pause n scribble down few of its words for future, but the recipe is not cooked to taste later on…… your exact state of mind never comes back for your thoughtfulness. A poet dies….. SKETCHER: yes this too happens very often, the things are left in between and abandoned in midst leaving the completion incomplete forever. Some or the other reasons do burgeon to leave the pencil halfway. BOOKWORM: books are said to be the best companion during any time…..all you need to have is the time, peace & a book to soak & immerse you into it…..but again the chimes irritably creates noise & drives you towards another agenda. PHOTOGRAPHER: this passion too drives you crazy round the clock to capture a subject during any time…..time clocks away leaving fungus on the lenses.

    Over a period of time there is an immense pleasure in cherishing these memories, be it totally or partially created works…..but they reveal the timeline how you have been graduating with flow of time……..sometimes you are awestruck by your own creation or sometimes you do feel to be a critic for yourself suggesting a possible measure to enhance the creation further……yes in all this process the dust is wiped out…. DHOOL CHAHRE PE THI AUR AINA SAAF KARTA RAHA-….GALIB …..but somehow we unveil ourselves which can be instrumental in leading the direction where to go hereafter…….YES I DO AGREE WHAT YOU ADVOCATE….. “LIFE IS NOT ABOUT SURVIVING THE STORM, IT’S ABOUT LEARNING TO DANCE IN THE RAIN……TAYLOR SWIFT”….has propounded a real dogma which we deliberately manipulate to forget. Manipulations are invariably in form of slumbering, toiling unnecessarily, wandering like vagabond, skipping priorities, and so on…….your entire etching of sentences are remarkable & the choice of words are too good & the flow has been captivating your readers……you have made a generic call for all of your readers, few of them would certainly proceed with THEIR CONTRIBUTION TO EXHIBIT IT TO THE WORLD…..few may still bruise their agonies & few would still manipulate to be with their own mundane things……superb!!!! You have awakened many……………….

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