What I Would Do for You

Honey you should know what I would do for you,
I’d burn myself and scatter like early sun rays
Making way through your mist bound days
Just to fall like warmth on your gorgeous face.
You could break my heart into a million pieces
I’d make sure that none of those pieces ever pierces
Your lovely dark skin,
I’d show you how unconditional love
Need not come from someone akin
Infact,I’d grow those pieces back again
And love you in a million different ways.
And I’ll freeze myself to death every day
Just to feel what it’s like to melt in your arms
Over and over again
When your love is ready as relief,
Who’s going to worry ’bout the pain?
I’d fall on my face, blindfolded
‘Cause the hope of you catching me
Is such a beautiful thought in itself
I’d ink you in my deepest fantasies
Put locks on my heart and save the keys
Until the time you come to me
Would wait forever for your arrival
’cause this wait, this yearn is such a beautiful thing in itself.
And I’d break bones of my agile mind just to keep it from running away from you
If only you knew what I would do for you…..


Name on the Lantern (Haiku)

Won’t write our name on
The lantern, love doesn’t fall
Once the light goes off.


ALL ABOUT MENSTRUAL CUPS – how to use it, pros and cons, my experience, what you might be doing wrong… and a lot more!

What are menstrual cups?

Menstrual cups are feminine hygiene cups made of fold-able material, usually medical grade silicone, which females insert in their vagina to prevent menstrual blood from leaking onto clothes.

What different menstrual cups look like. credits: https://putacupinit.com

How to use them?

  1. Sterilize the cup in hot water
  2. Squat down or sit/stand in any position you find comfortable.
  3. fold the cup. There are several ways of folding the cup, you can try out whichever works for you. I personally like the punch down and the seven fold, it’s relatively pointier.
credits : http://www.physicalcanvas.com

4. Insert it inside your vagina.
5. Pinch the cup a bit and run a finger around the rim to make space for it to open completely.
And, you’re done!

6. While taking it out, reach for the base of your cup, pinch it so as to let some air inside and break the vacuum, then slowly pull it down. Empty the cup, wash it with an unscented soap and then insert it back again.

Pros of using a menstrual cup

  • Eco-friendly : Unlike pads and tampons, menstrual cups collect blood, not absorb them. This makes them reusable, while pads and tampons which use up so much plastic need to be thrown away after each use.
  • Cost effective : Here in India, on an average menstrual cups cost Rs. 400-600, i.e. 9$. The cup that I use claims that it can be used for up to 10 years if taken good care, while some cups claim that they can be used for 5 years. In the case of sanitary pads the average cost per month*12 months*5 years =  Rs. 2400 or 32$!!!!!
  • Time Saving : Unless you have extraordinarily heavy flow, you will only have to empty the cup twice in 24 hours, unlike pads and tampons which should be removed every 6 hrs, so this is very useful for the amazing hard working women in our society.
  • Not Dangerous : Using tampons for a longer time can ’cause something known as the Toxic Shock Syndrome, which can lead to severe infection. There have been cases where surgery has been needed, or a body part has been removed surgically. It even has lead to death at times. No such danger with Menstrual cups because, again, it collects blood, doesn’t absorb it.
  • Comfortable : Pads are very uncomfortable, VERY UNCOMFORTABLE, the dry ones leave rashes on your skin, the not-dry ones feel all wet and weird. Menstrual cups once inserted do not ’cause any discomfort, you can’t even feel it actually. They can even be used while swimming or going to the gym; won’t give you any trouble.
  • No annoying smell : Menstrual cups create a vacuum seal making sure there is no contact between the blood and air, therefore the smell isn’t there either.

Cons of using a menstrual cups

  • It looks scary.
  • Some girls find it hard to insert the cup inside because young girls have pretty tight vaginal muscles and it can cause a little problem.
  • It takes practice to insert it effectively without leakage.

What could be the reason behind your menstrual cup leaking?

  • This one’s a bit obvious, because your menstrual cup is full.
  • Some times the cervix just goes in your cup, reducing it’s effective capacity which is why it starts leaking but when you take it out it isn’t full.
  • Another reason could be that your menstrual cup is not opening properly. Either the size of the cup isn’t right or your cup is too soft for you. You can resolve this by running your finger along the rim of the cup after inserting it.

My experience using the menstrual cup

I was kind of scared to be very honest, but then after folding it in the “punch down” fold it was pretty okay. I’ve been using it for a month and the first five days were actually pretty bad. It kept leaking all the time and I just couldn’t figure out why. What added to it was that I kept looking up you tube videos and according to those ladies the cup “disappeared”, made a “pop sound” when it opened. My cup’s stem kept protruding out so it definitely didn’t “disappear” and I never heard any kind of pop sound. Also in an attempt to make it “disappear” I kept forcefully pushing it inside which made matters only worse because I kept pushing the cup past the cervix which made all the blood drip along the walls of the cup instead of going into it.

How I solved it?

I inserted the cup, pinched it, ran a finger along the rim, and then pulled it a bit so as to create a suction. I also cut a part of the stem, which only added to the comfort. The cup stayed a little low and all the blood got collected and it didn’t leak AT ALL. So, the point that I’m trying to make is that it’s okay if you’re not getting it right the first time, you’ll get the hang of it and figure out what works best for you!

Concerns regarding hymen and virginity

First of all, hymen is a terrible criteria for judging someone’s virginity. Some females have such thin hymen that it can even break because of strenuous activities like gymnastics or horse-riding, even cycling. Secondly, if you choose a small size of the cup, most chances are that your hymen will only stretch and not break. Hymen is a pretty stretchy tissue. Some people are even born without a hymen. So, get all your courage and get this cup, because trust me it’s totally worth it.

Some You Tubers’ videos which really helped:

Where can you get a menstrual cup?

The easiest way is to get it online, there’s variety, there are different sizes and you can select whichever you think is best for your body type.

I ordered mine from Nykaa : (It also comes with a nice intimate hygiene wash!)

WoW freedom medium sized menstrual cup

There are others available in smaller and larger sizes on amazon, nykaa and other online shopping sites, you can go and check there.


So, if you have been following my posts, this is not the kind of stuff I usually post about, but I genuinely felt that menstrual cups are a boon and it’s very important to let more and more females know about it. I hope you people enjoyed reading it, tell me if you liked this article or if I should post more articles like this, or if you have any query just comment below.

Also, everything that I have posted here are based solely on my experience and what I have read about them. Your body may be different, so if you have any hesitation regarding using it, do consult a doctor or someone who is an expert in this area.

Go for it girls, we totally deserve the amount of comfort that menstrual cups provide!





Writing it with a Gulp (Repost) 

Stuck I was in a conflict
Whether to do or not to.
To fall, I chose, And so I did
off a high and isolated cliff.
The cold hard ground, I was scared to hit
But a glimpse of river made me do it, 
No more in a position to restart what I did,
Now as i drown with no breaths out and no breaths in
I wonder how I forgot
I cannot swim…

~Words Above Swords ~